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Vattoos: The New Vajazzling?

vattoos vagina tattoo

Just when we'd all (begrudgingly) gotten used to the idea of vajazzling and vaginacials, the spa geniuses have come up with a new way to pretty up our lady parts and empty our wallets—vatooing. If your logic computes that must mean a combination of vaginas and tatoos, then congratulations, you're pretty smart. Sort of. Before you get any wild images of an electric needle buzzing away for hours, understand these tattoos are (thankfully) painted on and are a good couple of inches above your actual vagina (thankfully again). Vaginal Rejuvenation for Mother's Day?

Curiously enough, according to three brave souls who tried out the treatment for The Luxury Spot, the first step of getting a vatoo is a Brazilian. Perhaps to create a hairless landscape that won't distract from your chosen design? A blank canvas for the artist to work? Sure. Whatever. After your nether regions have been hot waxed and stripped, then the fun begins—choosing your design! Tattooed People are Sexier

Now, what would one spend $115 to get etched right above their lady flower? An arrow? A venis fly trap? Judging from the three guinea pigs who gave it a shot, everything from the predictably crass (a neon '69') to the hilariously deprecating (a cobweb, for the poor woman who hadn't been laid in eons).

Another benefit to the painted-on vatoos—you have can afford to be spontaneous and a bit reckless. Seeing as the vatoos wash away in a week, feel free to get the name of your hook-up du jour in bright, red garish letters. And if he or she become history before then, the beauticians say a good scrub with rubbing alcohol will erase any clue a vatoo even even existed. Break Up Advice – 5 Secret Tips

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