Tips to Look Taller for the Vertically Challenged

Tips to Look Taller for the Vertically Challenged

Ever heard of the Napoleon complex?  Even if you have not, it may apply to you if you are a less-than-tall man.  Not being tall is right up there with being bald for most men when it comes to being insecure with the ladies especially when trying to pick up women online like on
Relax, there are many practical ways to look taller and boost your self confidence.  While men can not change their height, they can employ strategies to appear taller. 
Clothes make the man

Wearing darker colors creates a taller appearance

Avoid sharp contrasts in your shirts and pants  
Do not wear horizontal or checkered prints  
Do wear vertical or striped prints  
Use shoulder pads under suit coats  
Thicker soled shoes can increase your height by an inch or two  
Make sure your clothes are not baggy, especially at the waist  
Match your pants, belt and shoes to give a taller look  
Pant legs should not have cuffs  

Mind your posture  

Stand up straight  

Throw your shoulders out with your chest up  

Never slouch when you sit  
The old saying that dynamite comes in small packages holds true today.  Ever see a gorgeous woman on the arm of a short guy like you?  He probably has something you are missing and it is not money.  He is confident and has not defined himself by his height.  Give some thought to your good qualities that have nothing to do with height. 

Certainly you should give the pointers listed above a try but why not think outside the box?  Have you considered exploring dating within a culture that has an average height for women at 5 feet?  Oh these hot shorter women do exist especially when looking to come on to the East Indian Dating scene.. A great way to meet these women is to google "Indian Dating Personals" or "East Indian Dating sites".  
So to all shorter than average men who want to look taller, follow the simple steps above to appear taller.  Make sure you are projecting a confident attitude because short or tall, no woman wants to be with someone who is insecure.