About ME

I’d like to share my story that will give you hope that you too can find a fulfilling long lasting relationship. As a 1st generation Indian-American growing up in a small rural town in Pennsylvania learning how to date women wasn’t easy and finding women to date was even more difficult. Although there were girls I was attracted to, I didn’t feel like they completely understood me because there were huge cultural differences.
When I left for college I came across a number of people who were also Indian. I knew I wanted to date Indian women but felt awkward and didn’t have much experience with them. Now, I would not say I was shy, but I didn’t know how to meet them, get their attention, or how to ask them out on a romantic date.
The website is a direct result of researching dating methods from books, ebooks, articles on the Internet, and talking to friends. Trial and error showed me which advice worked and what didn’t. It did take some time for me to become successful with dating women, especially Indian singles. Ten years later, I have found the love of my life.
We created Indian Dating Today to help others find dates with Desis that will lead to the Indian woman of their dreams. You too can share in the happiness that I experience each day. We will help you think differently about common problems guys have, such as how to find the right type of Indian woman and approach her confidently. Also, we are your source to connect with other guys who are in a similar situation as you and can give you great advice.