All About The Eva Mendes "Sex Tape"

All About The Eva Mendes "Sex Tape"
We can now add Eva Mendes to the long list of celebrity sex tape scandals, which include Kendra Wilkinson, Rebecca Gayheart and Dr. McSteamy, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Well, not exactly... Best Of The Web: Celeb Sex Tapes Ranked
In a new FunnyorDie clip, the Calvin Klein model, who isn't shy about showing some skin for the line's underwear ads, sells S.EX Tape. Yep, that's S.EX or "Secures EXtremely well" Tape, not sex tape, for those of you who thought you were gonna see the sexy star getting busy. Hey, we told you this wasn't to be your typical Hollywood sex scandal. 
The informercial, which also happens to be a sex tape parody, opens with Mendes fumbling around in night vision—a blatant reference to Paris Hilton's infamous sex tape. But within a few seconds, it's clear that this isn't your typical celebrity sex video. Mendes is quite literally selling a version of the household product, which happens to be called S.EX. Tape.

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