The Super SEXY Truth About Marriage That No One Admits

Happy couples know this ... too bad they don't talk about it more

sex in marriage
Remember that episode of Oprah when Oprah and her pal Gayle King drove across the United States. Oprah swore she'd never do so ever again, which is not surprising coming from someone who has her own luxury jet. I can't fathom the road trip was Oprah's idea, but it did offer some interesting encounters. 
One of those encounters happened when Oprah and Gayle had lunch with an Amish married couple at their home. Gail couldn't wrap her mind around one aspect of this Amish couple's life—they had sex with only each other and actually found the idea of lifelong monogamy (with only one partner EVER) truly satisfying. 
Imagine that! A couple who only desire sex in marriage only and not with anyone else. The Amish woman wisely observed that she would have more misgivings to live the opposite way—to have multiple partners rather than monogamy.

Monogamy has such a bad, boring rap in our sex-saturated society. We live in a society that values multiple sex partners and ignores the richness of monogamous marital sex.

This isn't to say married sex is perfect. I used to hate married sex. 
When I married for the first time long ago, sex was a bit of an issue. Before that, I did the casual sex thing, only to discover what many others discover, but rarely admit—sex outside marriage often leaves a path of emotional, physical, and spiritual wreckage in its wake.
As much as society tries to paint a different picture, the potential for the best sex is within marriage. 
Notice I didn't say "easiest" sex. Anything great worth having takes effort and investment (qualities usually void in the casual sex arena).
So, what makes sex so great within marriage?
For me, this means the opportunity for my husband and I to genuinely learn about each other over many sexual encounters. It's about the sanctity and safety of a commitment that frees a couple to truly be vulnerable, explore, figure out what turns each other on, and bring about intense pleasure. 
If married couples really want to combat the devastating effects of sexual immorality, they should begin in their own homes by fostering incredibly vulnerable and authentic sexual intimacy with their spouse. Then more of them might unabashedly admit that they actually like marital sex BEST, and that it's an integral and valued (even sacred) part of their relationship.
And if it's not a rich part of their relationship, couples should do all they can to figure out why. 
Yes, I love sex in marriage! Any other wives out there who share my sentiments on this?