Who/What Killed Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack?

If this were a game of Clue, who do you think it would be?

Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack

What is there to say but that the lives, times and now deaths of the becoupled Simon Monjack and Brittany Murphy have left us feeling, well, just plain weird,  sketchy... and suspicious.

Just consider it: A young married couple dying within five months of each other from the exact same causes (acute pneumonia and severe anemia) — raises an eyebrow or two, no? Brittany Murphy's Husband Simon Monjack Found Dead


Even Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter told CNN that Monjack's cause of death was "just like Brittany," with some prescription drugs were found in his system, but not enough to have contributed to his death.

OK, OK, we know. He was fat and had a bad heart. She, bulimic and/or anorexic. They also were swallowing loads of prescription drugs.

Still, when you combine the above and add the following...

The Mother

  • Brittany Murphy's mom was living with the couple before her daughter's death and with her son-in-law after. Even more peculiar is the fact that she was the one to discover both of their bodies. Simon Monjack Moving To NYC With Brittany's Mom?
  • And then there's the audio we have where we hear her instructing Simon Monjack to tell "them" that "he had a fever" on a voicemail he left for himself the day he died.
  • And also, does she not sound just annoyed on the 911 phone call reporting his death?

The House

  • Both Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack were found dead in their Hollywood Hills home.
  • In both occasions the same bottles of prescription drugs were found on the same nightstand.
  • Numerous commenters on the Internet are speculating that it could have been mold, or pesticide poisoning that did them in.

What do we get? Something fishy, that's for sure. Let's not forget that Simon Monjack was a bit of an insane genius with a history of dodgy financial dealings and a secret family to boot. Oh yeah, and then there's that whole business of the mysterious Lola. Brittany Murphy's Death Keeps Getting Sadder

We don't think this story is over, do you?

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.