Simon Monjack Moving To NYC With Brittany's Mom?

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Is it because she has all the money?

More than two months after her unexpected death, TMZ learned today — courtesy of a chatty Simon Monjack — that Brittany Murphy left her entire estate to her mother Sharon in a handwritten will.

Not only that, BUT, per his request, a more formal will was drafted after their marriage to include this statement: "I am married to Simon Monjack who I have intentionally left out of this will."

Hmmm. Is he telling us this to silence the haters? Is he trying to beat them to the punchline?

Here's what we know: when writing a will a person will be mentioned by name in order to prevent them from contesting it later down the line. Or, if Simon is to be believed, to show the world that he isn't after his dead wife's money.

But wait, the weirdness isn't over yet:

Today, Murphy's 8,000 square foot Hollywood Hills home was listed on the market by Sharon for $7.25 million (Fun Fact: The house where she died was purchased in 2003 from another Britney of the Spears variety).

What's more, Monjack is saying that after the house is sold he and and best friend/mother-in-law Sharon will move to New York City. Together.

STFU. OMG. What does that even mean? Brittany Murphy's Death Keeps Getting Sadder

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.