Judge Orders Couple To Erect "Divorce Wall"

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It's court-ordered cohabitation for a New York couple.

You ever get the feeling that some people either take their positions of authority too seriously or really try to morph their current job into the one they wish they had? As an example of the latter, a male flight attendant on my flight from Jacksonville, FL to New York, NY last night was convinced that he was a standup comic, and had some shctick regarding air travel and class distinction. I'm going to let you assume that it was fresh and held up a mirror to society. Meanwhile, a public figure may have overstepped his bounds in a more high-stakes milieu. 

Per the Daily Mail, a real Shecky Green of a judge in Williamsburg, NY (that's hipsterville, USA) has told a splitting couple to put up a "divorce wall" in their Victorian home, as the husband refuses to move out. The couple, Pinchs and Nechama Gold*, are Orthodox Jews who have been together for 21 years. Things, however, just aren't working. Unfortunately, New York is the last of the lower 48 states to still forbid no-fault divorces, so the couple has been forced to find a way to blame each other for the separation they both so desperately desire. Divorces Difficult In New York

Per the legal aces, the home is big enough that they'll be able to go about their separate lives without bumping into each other too much.

Frankly, I believe that a sheet with a hole cut in it should be enough. A roommate and I once split our apartment with a piece of masking tape, but that wasn't over a serious dispute. I was just letting him know where AwesomeVille started and SuckTown ended. Unfortunately, I was the mayor and police commissioner of SuckTown.

Finally, didn't they try this in War Of The Roses? I recall an ending in which Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas ended up dead beneath a fallen chandelier. Oh, well.

Oddly enough, living with an ex is a not uncommon experience in NYC, as the rent is awful enough that sometimes you keep on cohabiting even after a breakup.

Could you ever cohabit with an ex?

*Note: I have no idea which is the husband, but I'm gonna guess it's Pinchs.