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Shannon Price Sells Gary Coleman Death Photos

Shannon Price sells Gary Coleman death photos

If you want to see photos of Gary Coleman slowly slipping away in his hospital bed, pick up the next issue of that printed toilet paper known as The Globe. We're certainly not going to show them here. While it's pitiful that a so-called magazine would pay for these photos of Gary, it's completely despicable that the person who sold them was someone who claimed to love him—ex-wife/live-in girlfriend Shannon Price.

This broad just continues to top herself. There was the emotionless 911 call. The issue over whether Shannon should have been able to make the decision to take Gary off of life support, since she wasn't legally his wife anymore.  The crazy, defensive interview in which she insisted that she never pushed Gary down the stairs before anyone really even made an accusation. Then, of course, came her plans and schemes to get rich off of Gary's death by charging five-figure fees for interviews and promising to give a video tour of the couple's home. And now it's come to this: while Gary lay dying, Shannon took several pictures of the star in the hospital on life support—even posing next to the bed in one, as if her comatose ex-husband were a tourist attraction. What Happened To Gary Coleman?

And what was Gary's privacy and dignity worth to this harpy? Only $10,000. (Sadly, issues will probably fly off the shelves and Shannon will get a cut of the profits.) Apparently, the photos are so tasteless and disturbing that "none of the glossy magazines wanted to bid on them. This allowed Globe to get them so cheap." 

But The Globe didn't buy all of the photos. The tabloid only bought the ones of Gary while he was on life support. There is one more pic that Shannon is obviously saving for the highest bidder—one taken after Gary was pronounced dead.

Todd Bridges, Gary's friend and Diff'rent Strokes co-star, put it best with this recent tweet: "To find out pics of Gary Coleman in his last days got out, I hope someone burns in hell for this one...Only one person could be behind this and this is so dang sick to say you love someone and do this -- yeah right."

Scoop via PopEater. Photo via ABC/Good Morning America.