11 Signs A Lady Is Telling Lies

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She's avoiding your questions and looks uneasy, but is she lying? 11 signs that she is.

John DeVore, best known to Frisky readers as our Mind of Man, just wrote an interesting expose on how to find out if your man is lying for GuySpeak.com. While he had some fascinating insights on waterboard torture, when it comes to women, it's a heck of a lot easier to tell if she's feeding you lines. She may think her poop smells like roses, but her BS definitely stinks! So, when in doubt, here's how you can figure out if your lady is being straight with you.

1. Vixen Verification: A woman knows all she has to do is shake what her mama gave her and you won't be able to think about anything but boobies. So, if she's trying to change the subject by being sexy, don't let your brain forget the check her booty can't cash. The Frisky: 5 Bits Of Body Language Guys Don't Notice

2. Unpleasant Surprise: If she doesn't feel comfortable accepting gifts from you, either she isn't really feeling you anymore or she did something bad and feels guilty because you're being so nice. This isn't to say only buy her flowers for no reason other than to see if she squirms, but it's a good barometer.

3. Chill, Baby: Does she respond casually? A pause is a good thing if you're reading poetry and a bad thing if you're looking for the truth. Stammering is a surefire sign she's treading on shaky ground.

4. (Not So) Great Orator: On the other hand, this isn't the "State Of The Union." It's just you, her boyfriend. So, if she's using overly formal language and sounds almost like she rehearsed this speech, beware. Just like a slick politician, she's full of it. The Frisky: The Top 10 Lies Women Tell Men

5. Hostile Witness: If she gets mad at you simply for asking about something, that is a real problem. If she cares about you, she'll want to put your mind at ease. If she turns the tables on you and gets all accusatory about being badgered with questions, something is up. The lady doth protest too much.

6. Body Language: Things to look out for: fidgeting and other compulsive, repetitive movements are a bad sign. If she's making eye contact, that's a good sign.

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