4 Sexy Celebrity Hairstyles Men Love

jennifer aniston long hair

A recent poll shows men love these 4 sexy celebrity hairstyles.

Want a new 'do for summer? Try one of these four sexy celebrity styles that men ranked as their favorite haircuts on women in a recent poll:

The Cut: The Katie Holmes Classic Bob

Why He Loves It: It's not just long hair that's sexy! This cut is super chic, and the short length tells him you're confident enough to pull it off.

Get It If: You have straight hair (fine or thick). Curly girls should opt for a slightly longer style. Almost any face shape works with this cut, but beware of adding blunt bangs if you have a round face; a sideswept fringe will be more flattering.

How to Style It: Even if your hair is already very straight, a flatiron will make all the difference in giving this look a sleek, smooth finish. After blowdrying hair fully, flipping ends slightly in towards your face, spend a few minutes running the flatiron over the top layer of your hair. Finish off with a shine spray: spray onto your palms first before running them over your mane to control the amount of product, and use sparingly on bangs to keep them from getting too oily. 9 Surprising Things Men Think About Your Hair

The Cut: Jennifer Aniston's Long & Straight Locks

Why He Loves It: What guy can resist long, thick hair cascading past your shoulders? This look is an attention-grabber and a classic sexy style.

Get It If: You have straight, healthy hair like Jennifer. Long hair looks best on oval or square faces. If your face is long and narrow, the length of your hair will only exaggerate it. And stay away from very long locks if you're short: your hair shouldn't be half your height!

How to Style It: The key to keeping long hair looking great is by making sure it's healthy. Make sure you're getting a trim every 4-6 weeks to get rid of damaged ends, and make a habit of deep conditioning hair (either at the salon or at home) every few weeks as well. Your daily style will depend on your cut: ask your stylist for slight layers to add movement to your hair, and consider getting a color gloss while you're there: it'll lock in the shine and make your natural hair color pop without damaging it with harsh chemicals.

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