The Top 15 YourTango Posts About Motherhood

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A selection of our best posts on motherhood.

Being a parent is a central part of many women's lives, and YourTango has covered it from all perspectives: deciding when to have kids, sex after kids, trying to "have it all," and more. Below, a selection of our best posts on motherhood (and fatherhood—after all, you can't make a baby without a father).

Me, My Husband And My Baby: Who Owns My Breasts?
A new mother questions her breasts' dual functionality, as both sexual objects and food source.

Having A Baby Improved My Sex Life
Sex after baby: how one couple's sex life improved after giving birth.

The New Way To Have It All: First Baby, Then Love
Women fighting fertility timeouts are redefining what it means to "have it all."

Why I Love My Kid More Than My Husband
I love my daughter more than my husband—and he's OK with that.

A New Mother Recovers Her Sensual Self
Getting mind and body back in the mood after giving birth isn't always easy.

For Some Couples, One Kid Is Enough
A mother of one considers her waning fertility but chooses her life as is.

My Son And I Are Dating My Boyfriend
A divorced mom takes on the tricky situation of introducing her son to her boyfriend.

My Son Found My "Special Toy"
How my sixth grader called me out on using sex toys.

Good Cop, Bad Cop: How To Merge Parenting Styles
He parents one way, you parent another, but which is the right way?

Sex Tips From a Mother of 3
Three steps you can take to get rowdy in the bedroom with your spouse again.

Your Sex Life (After Kids)
How to find quality time with your spouse after having kids.

Don't Let Kids Ruin Your Sex Life
Relationship expert Esther Perel tells you how to keep your marriage sexy.

When's the Best Time to Start a Family?
Figuring out when to have kids. Inside the biological myths and realities about conception.

Good Dad And Loving Husband: Can I Be Both?
Becoming a father and stay-at-home dad puts a strain on a couple's marriage.

I Hope My Daughter Marries... Someone Like Me?
A father imagines his daughter's future boyfriends.