Kim Kardashian Jumps On Cristiano Ronaldo

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush Cristiano Ronaldo Kanye West

Kim Kardashian got to be front and center and the United States' biggest sporting event of the year when boyfriend Reggie Bush's New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl in January, and now she's angling for a spot at the world's biggest sporting event, this summer's World Cup in South Africa. Just weeks after breaking up with Reggie, Kim was spotted in Spain making out with Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. And this amidst the possibly disreputable news that Kanye West—not Reggie's reluctance to get married—was behind the breakup of Bush and the Tush. We're just so excited that this story is about attractive people and not golf.

Kim and Reggie broke up for the nine thousandth time last month; they'd been dating on and off since 2007. This time sources said the reasons were any of a number of things: their peripatetic lifestyles, Kim's eagerness to settle down because her sisters keep marrying NBA players and/or getting knocked up, the age difference (Reggie is 25, Kim will be 30 in October), or possible cheating on Reggie's part. Now various sources that we don't entirely trust (we refuse to believe anything these days until we read it in The National Enquirer) say that Reggie found a series of IMs from Kanye West on Kim's computer and even chatted with Kanye, who thought he was Kim, and found out that the alliterative pair had been hitting it. And that gave Reggie a sad face. Kim And Reggie: Fighting After The Super Bowl

Kim isn't dwelling, though. She denied the rumors and Radar Online reports that she was in Madrid last week watching the highest paid footballer in the world get schooled by the best footballer in the world—poor Cristiano came up scoreless in Real Madrid's loss to Barcelona and miniature Argentinian sensation Lionel Messi on April 10—but Kim was there to cushion the blow. If you know what we mean. Kim and Cristiano had lunch together and then traveled in separate cars to his home in the Spanish capital. Where we're sure they discussed the finer points of the 4-4-1-1 offense and then departed cordial friends. A Soccer Stud And The 3 Shemales

Ronaldo has been struggling a little with the Portuguese national team—it took the Seleccao until the final day of qualifying last year to book their trip to South Africa, and he's been dogged both by injury and by a lingering curse Paris Hilton put on him. That's not a joke or a euphemism for chlamydia. So maybe he's cozying up to Kim because she's a bit of a good luck charm. She'd certainly be the most beloved woman in Portugal if she banged their star into the semifinals.

Via Radar Online. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.

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