Was Reggie Bush Cheating On Kim Kardashian?

Reggie Bush, January Gessert

Reggie's alleged side piece was caught leaving his house after a night of partying.

Just a couple of days ago, Celeb Love reported on Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush's breakup. Although the split was supposedly an amicable, mutual decision, we're now learning that Reggie may have been cheating on Kim long before their relationship ended. The latest issue of The National Enquirer alleges that Reggie recently hooked up with blonde waitress January Gessert—and they have photos to back up their story.

On March 16, while Kim was hanging with her sisters in Miami, Reggie partied at a Hollywood bar with a friend, January and another woman. The foursome left the bar together and the next time January was seen, it was during her "walk of shame" from Reggie's house at 7:00 the next morning! Of course, Reggie's rep claims that January is actually dating his friend. But if that's true, then why would January lie about knowing Reggie? When the Enquirer asked her about him, "January smiled and claimed she didn’t know him. But then became flustered and contradicted herself – saying that she went to his house, but he wasn’t there, before adding, 'I know him from TV'." Kim And Reggie: Fighting After The Super Bowl

These aren't the first allegations of cheating thrown Reggie's way, so this is really no surprise. (Or perhaps Tiger Woods and Jesse James have us programmed to assume the worst.) And the hilarious reveal that January "wants to be a big star" is even less shocking. That tidbit came from January's mom, Cahti Gessert, who gave this vague statement to RadarOnline:

January knows everybody in Hollywood, she can get in anywhere…and everybody loves her. I’m sure she knows Reggie from being out and around. Let’s face it, he’s young, she’s young, they’re both kids! This is a small community...January grew up here. She’s a beautiful girl and everyone wants to be around her. 

Is it just us or does Mrs. Gessert sound like a real-life version of Regina George's mom? We can only hope that she was wearing a pink velvet track suit when she gave that interview.

Scoop and photo via RadarOnline. Photo credit: INF/Bauer Griffin.