I Used A Vibrator That Can Get You Off 24 *Different* Ways And WHOA

Talk about BANG for your buck.

I Used A Vibrator That Can Get You Off 24 *Different* Ways LTim / Shutterstock

The best thing about the Trojan Vibrating Tri-phoria is the price, though I didn't realize it at first. Once I learn how versatile the vibrator is, and experience how quickly and efficiently I can use it to get myself off, $39.99 seems like a mind-blowing steal.

I settled back into bed with pillows, a water-based lubricant, a copy of Hide and Seek, and popped a single double-A battery into the Tri-phoria's base. After screwing the battery cap back on, I paused to take a look at my options.


The vibrator itself is shaped like the bell of one tiny, lilac-colored trumpet, making it easy to grip. The base of the flared end (which is where the battery cap is located) features two small, purple buttons, emblazoned with minus and plus signs.

One can use these to cycle back and forth between the toy's five vibrating speeds and three rhythmic pulses, and I ran through these experimentally, noting the wide range between the slowest and most intense vibrations. I'm a fan of the fastest vibrations, but the lower levels are perfect for the sex toy novice

My Tri-phoria also has three interchangeable tips. One, made of hard plastic, is short and covered with rounded nubs, similar to what you'd see at the tip of the Pocket Rocket, a well-known vibe for the clitoris. The other two are made of silicone, which is one of the reasons I'm careful to use only water-based lube.


One of these silicone tips is a rounded, ridged dome, soft against my nether regions. The other quickly becomes my favorite. It's in the shape of an extended tongue and, when the vibrator is turned on, the tip flicks back and forth in a way that no oral sex-giving Don Juan could possibly replicate.

Not only that, but its slim extension can easily be slipped inside me, and it's tongue-like shape allows it to perfectly cup my clitoris. Once I settled into level five vibrations using this particular silicone tip, I had no need for my book of erotica. It didn't take long before I climaxed.

Afterward, since I was turned on already, I figured it couldn't hurt to share my new toy, so I asked my husband to join me in bed. It's fun to use the different tips to experiment with different forms of touch on a variety of hot spots: nipples, neck, inner thighs. And when we were ready for full-on intercourse, its ergonomic shape ensured that it remained non-intrusive as I continued to use it to stimulate my clitoris.

After sex, I washed the massager and tips separately with hand soap, dried everything thoroughly, and stored the whole shebang in the satin pouch that came with my new sex toy. At just under $40, I can't fathom how long my Tri-phoria might last, but for the moment, I'm one very happy customer.


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