Dating Tip: 6 Ways To Avoid An Awkward Setup

man talking to women

Recently, we discussed the habits of highly effective matchmakers. A good matchmaker knows how to discern tastes, how to work with timing and, most importantly, how to set the wheels in motion without embarrassing either party. 9 Signs You're A Good Matchmaker

Unfortunately, plenty of well-meaning friends lack the aforementioned skills, as nuanced matchmaking requires either supreme intuition, practical training or serious practice on willing subjects. At some point during your season of singleness, a friend (or your mom) will probably shove you toward some stranger at a party. Yeah, it's a little awkward, but rather than waste time feeling uncomfortable or shy, why not seize the opportunity to get to know someone new? Here are 6 steps to overcoming an awkward setup:

1. Go for it. Don't discount the poor guy just because you've been taken by surprise. You never know what can happen. Give this would-be beau a chance. He could quite possibly end up as your next boyfriend.

2. Laugh it off. And then let it go. Chances are he feels just as embarrassed as you do. Don't belabor the awkwardness of the situation. Just give him a knowing look and then start chatting about something completely unrelated. How To Tell Him You're Just Not That Into Him

3. Mingle. If the conversation starts to wane, open it up to others around you. Talking to strangers in a forced setting is awkward by nature but, then, didn't you meet your best friends this way? Keep that in mind and get chatting.

4. Pass him around. If you realize said setup is not exactly your sip of tea but might be bliss to your friend's lips, call her over. No reason not to pay the matchmaking forward.

5. Find something to do. If you feel bad ditching, find something to do besides struggling your way through an awkward conversation. Go to the food table, discuss the books on the host's shelf or join in on some party games.

6. Go to the ladies' room. Fine. We'll concede that desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures. Sometimes taking a quick break can give you the space to breathe and come up with a new topic to discuss. That, or, you come back from the bathroom and he's conveniently engaged in conversation with someone else. How To Ditch A Bad Date

So readers, we ask you: how do you overcome feeling awkward around someone new?