7 Chubby Guys We Love

Chris Pratt

In Hollywood, thin is in. Celebs are under constant pressure to look their very best, and even though what's attractive is entirely subjective, the general opinion is that "the very best" equals "the very thinnest." And while it may seem that that pressure to be skinny is only directed at women, men feel it too—especially now that the paparazzi is everywhere. These days, famous fellas can't even enjoy a day at the beach because, unless they're built like Hugh Jackman, the entire Internet will be ridiculing their "flabby photos" a day later. 10 Men Sexier Than Hugh Jackman

Some of our favorite chunky guys—Ricky Gervais and Seth Rogen—have recently lost weight. Ricky said it was for his health and not because of the Hollywood Fat Police, but Seth admitted that he felt like he "sold out" by losing weight for a film role. Even American Idol's own Velvet Teddy Bear, Ruben Studdard, showed viewers a dramatically slimmed down version of himself when he guested on a recent episode. But we hope the following 7 guys don't change a thing, because we love them just the way they are: cuddly and cute!

1. Alec Baldwin - The 52-year-old actor would probably never be thought of as "fat" anywhere but Hollywood. Although we thought Alec was hot back when he was playing buff bad boys in She's Having A Baby and Miami Blues, we love him so much more now that he's a little meatier, a little grayer, a little raspier and a LOT funnier—whether hosting Saturday Night Live or dishing out quotable lines as 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy.

2. John Travolta - Like Alec, John has packed on the pounds as he's gotten older and often found himself the butt of a few jokes because of it. But at 56, how can anyone expect John to still be rocking that loincloth-clad Staying Alive bod? Even if he can't quite zip up his old T-Birds jacket anymore, we still think he looks great. He just needs to start picking better movies again. (Paging Dr. Quentin Tarantino...get this man in one of your films, stat!)

3. Jack Black - Generally, for it to be "OK" for a famous man to be a little overweight, he has to be a comedian. But Jack doesn't rely on fat jokes to make audiences laugh. On the contrary, he's known for playing characters who have an inordinate amount of confidence.

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4. Kenan Thompson - Another comedian, 31-year-old Kenan won over the teen set back in the '90s when he starred on the Nickelodeon programs All That and Kenan & Kel. Since joining Saturday Night Live in 2003, he's won over us adults too, with his hilarious impressions of Bill Cosby and Al Sharpton, and never-ending string of wide-eyed, sassy characters. Apparently, he planned on losing weight to play Barack Obama, but since that role was given to Fred Armisen, we guess he decided not to bother. Well hey, no one wants to see a skinny Al Sharpton!