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Is Natalie Portman's Man A Scheming Social Climber?

Natalie Portman

With Black Swan preparing to pirouette into theaters, Natalie Portman and her ballet star boyfriend Benjamin Millepied are making the obligatory rounds of the film festival/promotion circuit - which is sure to amp up the spotlight on their one-year relationship! Case in point: Page Six recently ruminated that Millepied's motives for cozying up to Portman may not be so pure. As their insiders tell it, Millepied is all about moving his way up to "A-lister" by association.

The pair met on the film's set, where French-born Millepied acted as a behind-the-scenes ballet instructor and also completed a small cameo. (The man's got mad dance cred: he's an internationally-known choreographer and principal dancer with the New York City Ballet.) It was during filming that Millepied became "obsessed" with the brunette bombshell, going as far as to neglect the other stars and dancers he was supposed to be coaching.

"They would go to do their shots and wouldn’t know any of the choreography because he was so involved with helping 'Natalie, Natalie, Natalie,' all the time," said Page Six’s source. "There was a lot of drama." A-List Links: Natalie Portman Embarrasses Her Dad

Drama seems to follow the pair, who’ve been together publicly since January. Millepied’s ex-girlfriend of three years, fellow ballerina Isabella Boylston, moved out of their shared home around New Year’s Eve, and the swiftness of Portman’s and Millepied’s resulting relationship suggested it may have begun before the breakup - which "blindsided" Boylston, according to Page Six.

So what’s the real reason Millepied’s all "Natalie, Natalie, Natalie?" Maybe it really is true love, or perhaps he’s looking to go Hollywood….via the starlet express. Either way, Portman's history of picking controversial men doesn't look likely to subside anytime soon.