Did Gisele Make Tom Brady Get Hair Plugs?

The football stud may soon be sporting hair plugs thanks to Gisele Bundchen's encouragement.

Tom Brady

They may have said "til death do us part," but when model Gisele Bunchen promised to stay true to Tom Brady "through thick and thin" she might not have thought the 'thin" part included his hair. According to the National Enquirer (via the BostonhHerald.com), the supermodel has encouraged her New England Patriot hubbie to see a hair transplant specialist.

This isn't the first time Gisele has meddled in Tom's hair affairs. It was reported at the end of September that Tom was donning a new longer hairstyle due to his wife's influence. Can someone say whipped? Tom Brady's Locks of Love


Although Tom's hair seems to be as thick as ever, Gisele fears otherwise. On November 9, Tom's car was supposedly seen outside the Leonard Hair Transplant association in Cranston, RI.

"He spent over an hour consulting with Dr. Leonard before he slipped out the back door and drove off. Tom wants help with his thinning hair and bald spot," a source told the National Enquirer.

Tom has sought advice on his hair in the past. In 2008, it was reported by the New York Post that Tom visited a Manhattan hair-restoration institute. During this time, Dr. Leonard gave his perspective on the football star's hair prognosis.


According to Dr. Leonard, since Tom's father was bald, Tom most likely inhereited the gene. And his wife, it seems, is determined to prevent his bald-death sentence at all costs.

"Gisele wants to maintain that perfect-couple image — the handsome quarterback with a head full of hair and the stunning model with her own long flowing locks," the Enquirer noted.

Hopefully, Tom's hair won't send the beauty looking elsewhere for her "perfect" match. We imagine Gisele might be fantasizing about Leonardo DiCaprio's luscious, full head of hair right now. Those were the good old days...now the poor bombshell is stuck with a star quarterback. We really feel for you Gisele.

Photo Credit: INF