Tom Brady's Locks Of Love For Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady's Locks Of Love For Gisele Bundchen

The football star blames his supermodel wife for his Justin Bieber look-a-like hairdo.

If you share our ginormous crush on super football hunk, Tom Brady, you might have also been wondering lately: "What's up with his hair?" 

The dude has been in serious need of a haircut for several months now, and he's starting to go from super hot to super dork thanks to those overgrown locks. (It's so bad, people are actually starting to suggest that Tom's trying to channel teen hearthrob, Justin Bieber with his do!)

Now we realize the Patriot's quarterback has been busy balancing the new football season with caring for his new son, Benjamin, but come on now, we'd think by now, his leggy wife, Gisele Bundchen, would have insisted that he at least get a trim. 

But apparently Brady's overgrown shag has nothing to do with football superstition or time management issues. According to the Boston Herald, Gisele is actually the reason her hubby's long locks are here to stay (despite the inevitable teasing he must face in the locker room). When asked if he could be convinced to chop his hippie-esque locks, Brady replied: "Ah, you'll have to speak to my wife about that."

Guess it's clear who wears the pants or should we say, holds the shears in that house. Then again (if we were a guy, obviously), and if like Tom, we were married to an amazon who got her impossibly toned bod back within seconds of giving birth, we'd probably be willing to wear our hair however she liked, too. 

So while we may not always appreciate Gisele's mothering advice, we would love to hear how she keeps her husband so in line, at least when it comes to his appearance. Gisele Breastfeeds And Demands You Do Too

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