What Your Name Says About Your Number Of Sexual Partners

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A French survey reveals how our names may affect our sex lives.

Curious how your "number" compares to others? Look no further than the last letter of your first name.

A new survey explains why Christina Aguilera may be looking for more lovers post-breakup with Jordan Bratman, while Kate Middleton seems content to hold onto her one and only Prince William after nine years. As TIME reports, a French dating service called Smartdate surveyed its users on their sexual activity. They found that women whose first names end in "a" have more than double the 4.4 sexual partners an average woman has in her lifetime. Among the most libidinous of names? Women named Laura clock in at an average of 9.7 partners, Tania at 9.6, and Lola at 9.5 (no surprise there). By comparison, women named Therese averaged only 1.1 partners (how angelic), while Francoise averaged 1.2 and Martine 1.3. Poll: How Many People Have You Slept With?

Some might scoff and say this was obviously a coincidence, because most French women using Smartdate have names that end in a vowel anyway. But Smartdate acknowledged that, and instead attributed the findings to the fact that names ending in "a" are considered more unconventional. So if the same is true stateside, then are Theresas, Lisas and Samanthas more likely to hook-up than Elizabeths, Janes and Katies?

One thing Smartdate's survey didn't acknowledge: Their users are probably getting more action than the average femme anyway, because everyone is less inhibited behind their computer monitor—whether your name is Jessica or Margaret. Oui ou non?