Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good?

Pinkee here~ Basically there are two reasons.  One is the more common reason that most people probably think about when they ask themselves this question.  It’s a physiological response. Blood flows to the genitals, both male and female, when sexual excitement occurs, and the intense feeling of pleasure that orgasm brings is the sensation that results when all the extra blood that’s been building up gets released at once.

Then there’s the other reason. This is the one that I really want to talk about.  It’s like Tantra 101: orgasm feels so good because when you experience orgasm you are one with God.  Now, don’t freak out everyone.  I’m not talking about an invisible man in the sky that can punish you if you do bad things.  I’m talking about God, Source, All That Is, whatever you want to call it.

 I think God has gotten a bad rap.  God has become very uncool.  We have been told many times to believe that God doesn’t want us to have sex, and that God basically doesn’t want us to do anything that’s any fun at all.  No wonder God has become so unpopular!

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Here’s the secret no one in organized religion wants you to know: God is pro-sex.  God wants us to have sex.  God is actually the definition of cool. God created every cool thing in the universe, including sex.  God wants us to have joy and pleasure and fun.  And the only reason we don’t do it more often is that we are creating resistance to all that good stuff.

 When we experience orgasm, we have released all the resistance (the negative thoughts, the negative feelings, etc.) and there is nothing left separating us from God.  Whether we are having an orgasm solo or with a partner, sex and orgasm can be a path to God, to enlightenment.  Now get out there and work on being more enlightened!