8 Ways To Avoid One-Night Stand Awkwardness

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<p> How to keep your hookup casual and stress-free.</p>

It's hard to willingly endorse the one-night stand because it either goes one way or another: a one-nighter can be blissful, but it can also be a cringe-inducing horror. While a lot of things can go wrong with your quickie, most of the problems will occur during the aftermath—the morning after, and maybe even the few days after that. Here are some things that you just. shouldn't. ever. do.

Do Not:

1. Have breakfast. This gets you into dangerous territory where you are spending yet more time with the person and, as a consequence, you may either: a.) start to like him more and want to move past the one-night thing (let's face it, this rarely comes from both parties) or b.) send the wrong signals that you are feeling lovey-dovey, which can either be creepy or just uncomfortable. The Frisky: 10 Things We've Learned About Men From Having One-Night Stands

2. Facebook your one-night pal. No! Now you know last names. Great.

3. Ask for phone numbers or emails. If you do happen to have these, post-contact isn't necessary. If you really, really feel compelled to have closure, a follow-up "thanks for the nice time" text is OK within the first few hours of parting. An email or phone call gets too close.

4. "Leave" something behind. Think this lame attempt to have to revisit is going to get you together again? Unlikely. If you left it, you lost it. So at least make sure it was something inexpensive and replaceable.

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