Why I'm Done With Marriage

i don't want to get maried again

How one woman found that the best wedding is the one in your dreams.

I love weddings. I stop dead before store windows to gaze at gorgeous dresses and drool over diamond rings. I'm thrilled when I happen upon a noisy banquet in a Chinese restaurant. I read the New York Times wedding announcements every Sunday. I love watching "Say Yes to the Dress."

But I don't want to get married again. The Frisky: Marriage Is Dying

"I knew then it was precisely because I believed in love that I didn't want to get married again. What Alex and I had was at once too precious to foul up with marriage, and strong enough without." 

It's not that I don't believe in love anymore. Far from it. I just don't need the ceremony, the law, the ring. It's like paying that extra $30 for a year-long warranty on a clock radio. I'll keep my money and take my chances. 

Before my husband and I married, we already had a rocky relationship. He was Korean and I, merely Chinese, wasn't good enough for his mother. We broke up once, then got back together. Then got engaged. The Frisky: MERRIMe, A New Web Comedy About Online Dating