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6 Weird Valentine's Day Stories From The Web

strange valentine's day stories

Valentine's Day may be a lot of things: romantic, sappy, sentimental, annoying, and expensive, but in the midst of booking dinner reservations or wolfing down I'm-single-and-hate-V-Day brownies, many of us forget that it's also a little weird. After all, love does funny things to us. Need more convincing? Check out these funky V-Day stories: 

1. Fall in love over pork sliders and hash browns by reserving a table for two at White Castle, the place made famous for late-night cravings (their words, not ours). Every Valentine's Day, the burger chain provides tableside service, flowers, and candelight at select locations. They'll even upload photos of your enchanted evening, pork sliders and all, onto their website. For dessert, stop by a Krispy Kreme store and pick up a dozen of their limited edition heart-shaped donuts, which are filled with strawberries and kreme and topped with white chocolate. Now that's what we call a Valentine's Day indulgence. 4 Signs That A First Date Is Going Really Well

2. Today Translations, from London, asked its linguists to name the least romantic way of saying "I love you." The winner was Japan's "watakushi-wa anata-wo ai shimasu," just ahead of "qaparha," which is in Klingon.

3. Earlier this week, the head teacher at Ashcombe Primary School in England banned Valentine's Day cards after deciding that the angst of young love distracts children from their studies. In his newsletter, which parents scoffed at to the press, the teacher said he was saving students from the "emotional trauma" of rejection. What's next, banning hugs? Oh, wait...

4. A woman in Winnipeg dumped her boyfriend of two and a half years after discovering dirty text messages on his phone. The thing is, they weren't his—Virgin Mobile had preloaded automatic texts, which included one that said "booty call." Whoops. We're hoping she makes it up to him this weekend if they get back together in time to celebrate Valentine's Day. Text Message Flirting For Beginners

5. As of today, the seventh most-downloaded iPhone app is the automatic love poem generator, which conjures ear candy like,"the moment I saw you my heart was sold/the two of us will never be cold." We're swooning already.

6. The New York Times released a feature on sexual responses to food scents. During the study, scientists measured blood flow to genital areas while subjects wore aromatic masks. Women responded most strongly to the scent of baby powder and a combination of Good & Plenty with cucumber (say what?), while men were aroused by a combination of donuts and licorice. So what are you waiting for, ladies? Go pick up those Krispy Kremes we told you about! The Best New Scents to Turn Him On

Have any strange Valentine's Day tales to tell? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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