Second Thoughts On An Open Relationship

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One man has doubts about leaving monogamy behind.

Ok. So my girlfriend and I are doing really well and we've been together for two years. We haven't really ever fought or gotten in a serious argument. She has expressed her desire to have an open relationship for the past couple months. We both agreed that we enjoy and sometimes need variation and an open relationship would be good. 7 Tips for Beginning an Open Relationship

A couple days after we decided to have a kind-of-open relationship (no sex with others yet) to see how things go, she had a guy sleep over. They did not have sex, but the happening really hurt me. The next day she asked how I was faring with a girl I had recently met, then told me of her hook-up. For days, I cried and tried not to let her see it because I believed I was overreacting. I couldn't believe I was so upset from her just being in bed with a guy and hooking-up a little. Handle Jealousy Like A Hot Chick

I'm scared of losing her, and I feel ineffective satisfying her although that is really NOT the issue. She always orgasms and we both enjoy the sex. We want variation, sex with other people. But from my freak-out it sounds like I do not want an open relationship and only she does. I'm a guy so I have ridiculous masculinity crises and this is such a case. I feel like I'm an outcast with my opinion of this issue, especially being a male.

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