What Do Men Think About Hair Weaves?

hair extensions

Hair extensions produced Kate Gosslin's sexy new look; the jury's still out on the authenticity of First Lady Michelle Obama's stylish bob. At best, "gone today, here tomorrow" styles offer greater flexibility. At worst, the expensive, go-faux trend signals that women are increasingly dissatisfied with their natural looks.

Certainly, what's inside a woman's head matters more than what sprouts from—or is synthetically attached to—it. But since first impressions are so important in the dating game, we asked men: "Do you prefer au naturale or faux naturale?" Dating Advice From Michelle Obama

"I like natural, and I also like extensions. I'm pretty flexible. Naive, too! Once after a date, I went back to a woman's house, and I was surprised when she took her wig off." – Jed, 42, Youth Educator, White

"I fall in love with what's inside a woman, not what's on top of her head. But who am I to talk? My wife has what they call 'good hair.' Curly, luxurious locks falling down her back." – Bryan, 41, Marketing Consultant, Black 

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