Cellulite: Do Guys Notice It?

Ah, cellulite. A necessary evil of womanhood and the inevitable result of a schedule that doesn't allow for twice daily squats and lunges. Oh, what's a girl to do. Body Fat Compatibility Important In Choosing Mate, Says Survey

While us ladies loathe the dimples decorating our thighs and butt, how do guys feel? Do they notice? Do they care? Or is cellulite analogous to that glaring pimple nobody sees until we point it out? Self-Help Your Way To Love

We polled 25 guys to find out how they think. Unfortunately, our predictable primal man friends all notice (they're a highly visual breed) but, fortunately, don't care once they do. As if us ladies still haven't gotten it yet, our bodies just flat out do it for them. Period. Men Are Wired To Look At Other Women

25 guys polled

25 of 25 say "yes" they notice

22 of 25 don't give a hoot

3 out of 25 would prefer it wasn't there but wouldn't kick a girl out of bed for having it

1 out of 25 used the word "sexy" to describe cellulite

Some of the more admirable quotes:

"Yes, of course we notice. Well. I guess it depends on the light. And my blood alcohol count. If I can't remember her name I likely won't remember her cellulite."  Peter, single, 28

"Yes, I notice my girlfriend has some slight cellulite on her butt. I don't mind it at all, actually. I think her body is terrific." Andrew, 34, in a relationship

"Yeah, I notice if a girl has cellulite. But sometimes it can be sexy. Women are supposed to have curves." Parker, 30, single

"Yes, we notice. But we aren't likely going to focus on it. Do you think we're perfect? It isn't as if I have six-pack abs." Scott, 35, single

"Yup. I notice. But unless it's freak show bad, I don't care. I prefer a woman who takes care of herself, but I'm fully aware women aren't airbrushed before they come to bed." Brian, 26, in a relationship