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How To Sweet Talk Like A Pro

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Gifts are nice but, baby, the best things in life are free. Especially when it comes to your special lady, compliments can go a long way, even longer than giving her a fancy pair of diamond earrings! OK, maybe not that far ... But seriously, making a woman feel wanted, appreciated, and totally friggin' gorgeous will make her the kind of happy money just can't buy. So, save your dough, and try some of this sweet talk. The Frisky: 7 Ways Men Try To Impress Women (And Why They Don't Work)

1. Say Thank You: Tell her you couldn't have done it without her. Whether it's the birthday party she planned or just a supermarket run, let her know she's important to you, and you're grateful.

2. Here's Lookin' At You: One ex-boyfriend, right before we had our first nakey times, told me I was his ideal-looking woman. I didn't really believe him, but it was still sexy to hear and it definitely made me feel less inhibited. He did wind up proving he was a man of his word, but it would be indecent of me to tell you how. The Frisky: How Far Would You Go To Impress A Woman?

3. You-nique: When there's no one else around, and it's just the two of you talking, tell her you never met a girl like her before. If she thinks you mean it, she'll turn to mush. Then follow it up with a kiss.

4. Ask Her For Opinion/Advice: Whether it's trouble at the office or a T-shirt purchase, if you ask her opinion she'll think you care about what she thinks. We ladies love it when you want us for not just the body, but our brains too. The Frisky: 8 So-Called "Chivalrous" Moves That Creep Us Out

5. All In The Family: If you tell a girl you think your family would adore her, you are guaranteed a big smile.

6. Arm Candy: Tell her she's gorgeous on the regular. There's not a girl who doesn't want to feel beautiful. If she feels stunning in your eyes, she'll let you gaze away, even at the parts she'd normally hide. The Frisky: MERRIMe, A New Web Comedy About Online Dating

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7. Fun, Fun, Fun: Let her know she is the life of the party. Whatever you're doing is at its maximum fun-ness thanks to her.

8. Spoon: If you always hold her when you go to sleep, she'll soften like butter. Your reward will be more morning sex.

9. Outfitted: Always compliment what she's wearing. This won't just make her feel pretty in the moment, it'll also help her know what you have an eye for and that you appreciate the way she conveys her personal style.

10. Laugh Factory: If you find her jokes funny, and you laugh along at the right parts, she'll know you get her sense of humor. That's a sexy meeting of the minds.

11. Be Chivalrous: Simple gestures show a gal that you want to give her your all. Sure, these moves might just be a façade when you first start dating, but deep down inside, she'll know you're considerate, well-mannered, and want to treat her right.

12. Thinking Of You: OK, so, I'm gonna perv out a little, amongst all these sweet-nothings. I have to say the highest compliment I've ever been paid is when an old BF of mine told me, while we were dating, that he couldn't get enough of me and even jerked off to the thought of me. Hotness!

13. Get Personal: Make a list of a few specific things you love about her. Memorize them. Then tell her them naturally, without acknowledging you ever wrote out this list. All those personalized acknowledgments will make her feel more than loved; she'll feel understood. Just be weary of backhanded compliments like, "Before I met you, I just dated women for their looks. But I like you because you're smart." Compliment FAIL.

Written by Simcha Whitehill for The Frisky

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