Marlon Brando Seduced 15-Year-Old Jackie Collins

Marlon Brando Seduced Jackie Collins

Then 29, the noted lothario could have faced significant jail time.

Once upon a time, Hollywood legend had it that Marlon Brando approached a young Jackie Collins at a party and was highly complimentary about her perky 15-year-old body.

Miss Collins has alluded to the sexually charged incident before without ever really admitting that it went any further than some harmless flirtation, saying in 1995 to the U.K.'s Daily Mail:

He stared straight at my 39in chest — men often talk to my chest — and said, "That's a great looking body you have, little girl."

It was such a thrill for me because it was the most amazing introduction to Hollywood. I had only been there a week and there was my favourite movie star coming on to me.

Turns out Brando's involvement with her 39-inch-chest was more than previously thought, with the elderly Miss Collins, 72, now admitting to "a very brief but fabulous affair" in the summer of 1953, just before her 16th birthday.

Speaking again to Britain's favorite daily, she now talks of an explicitly sexual relationship with the noted lothario "at the height of his fame and glamour." Adding that she "didn't know any better and he was very thin then."

At the time of their relationship, Marlon Brando would have been 29 — an age difference that would have landed him in prison for statutory rape.

Says Collins: "I saw him on and off for a while and then it was over. He was a great character."

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