The 40 Biggest Celebrity Love Stories Of The '00s

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Over the last ten years, we've watched our favorite celebs hook up, break up, break down, flip out and start over. With all of its love triangles, legal battles, family dramas and political scandals, the "Naughties" certainly earned its wicked name!

1. The Jen/Brad/Angelina Triangle - Gossip bloggers should give daily thanks to the pop culture gods for Brad Pitt's and Jennifer Aniston's 2005 divorce. No other recent event has led to so much tabloid fodder. Despite their adulterous start, the tabloids quickly adopted "Brangelina" (and their million kids) as THE hip Hollywood couple, and Jennifer Aniston (against her will) became the post-child for lonely, single women everywhere.

2. Cruise and Kidman Call It Quits - Tom Cruise shocked fans—and Nicole Kidman—when he filed for divorced from his wife of ten years. Kidman revealed six weeks after the filing that she had suffered a miscarriage, fueling rumors that the baby may not have been Tom's. There were also whispers that the couple's inability to have a biological child and Kidman's unwillingness to convert to Scientology contributed to the split. Would you convert to Scientology for a man? What if it was Tom Cruise?

3. LiLo and SamRo: A Love Story - Serial man-dater Lindsay Lohan announced in a September 2008 email to the New York Post that she and DJ Samantha Ronson loved each other, and said in the December 2008 issue of Harper's Bazaar, "I think it's pretty obvious who I'm seeing." The relationship took a lot of crazy twists and turns, and finally ended in April 2009. Or did it? If rumors and Lindsay's tweets are to be believed, the two can't seem to quit each other, and have been on and off for months.

4. Kate Minus Jon Plus 8 - Before 2007 no one had heard of Jon and Kate Gosselin. Two years later, they were the tabloids' favorite train wreck. After their televised marriage hit the skids in 2009, with each one blaming the other and publicly airing all of their dirty laundry, all we could do was watch, opine and bask in the great cocktail of reality TV: a cool mix of schadenfreude and pity.

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