Does Your Email Sign-Off Send Dates Running?

When saying goodbye via email or text message, make sure it's not inadvertently forever.

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It's difficult enough striking just the right balance of charm and genuine interest in romantic e-mails. Now it seems that even the way we say goodbye can have serious negative consequences.

Writer Carrie Seim published a piece in the New York Post on the e-mail and text message sign-offs that give others the most pause. Among them were "Hugs" (deemed too wimpy), "I'm not kidding" (deemed to show-offy), and "Yours in Christ."


"Every word you choose and how you choose to use it, from the subject to the sign-off, will set intent and tone," founder Judith Kallos said in the piece. So how to sign off appropriately, in a way that will leave the recipient wanting more? Just remember these five farewell faux-pas you should avoid:

1) Don't be too formal.

"Sincerely." "Yours." "Sincerely yours." What are we, business colleagues? Were you actually there three hours ago, when your ding-dong entered my hoo-ha? Does that not qualify me for an "Intimately yours," at the very least? A sign-off this formal can sound like a cold kiss-off, so be sure to inject some warmth into the ends of your e-mails. New Relationship Rules: Texting & IMing


2) Don't send mixed messages.

Similarly, "Later," "See ya," and other variations could also be considered too casual, leaving the most neurotic among us to wonder what, exactly, your intentions are. Did you lose interest in us? Did you never actually feel that way to begin with? Are we destined to be merely—gasp—platonic!? On the other hand, if you actually have lost interest in us, for the love of god don't lead us on. 5 Mistakes Men Make When Dating Online

3) Don't be presumptuous.

Especially if we've only gone out on one to three dates, and have never even made it past first base. As clever as you think you are, I'm not going to find "sext ya' later" at all charming. I'm just going to consider it creepy. And if I do chance another date with you, the panties are staying on.


4) Don't go emoticon-crazy.

A smiley face here and there could justifiably be considered cute, but if you're ending every e-mail with LOL, and yet another permutation of the winky-face, we're going to wonder why you can't act your age. The subject of exactly what each emoticon is meant to convey could take up an entire post.

5) Finally, save the L-word. Seriously. Just save it.

Because we're totally not ready for that. When Should You Share Very Personal Information?