17 Holiday Gifts Women Really Want

holiday presents what to get her

Skip the gift card and get your gal one of these presents recommended by the top women on the web.

If you've ever been on the giving (or receiving) end of a gift gone wrong, you need this gift guide. That is, if you've ever purchased a glass-blown, stuffed or heart-shaped gift for the woman you love—or if you've failed to adequately seed your man's mind so that he bought you any of the aforementioned items—you need this gift guide. Really.

We asked women from some of the web's top sites to share their holiday wish lists with us, in hopes of every lady getting a great gift this year. Who better to ask than women whose job it is to worm deep into the crannies of the female mind?

Without further ado, we present 17 gifts to buy for the women in your lives this holiday season. Gifts For Every Type Of Guy

"A black bomber jacket and suede booties are at the top of iMag's Christmas list. These must-haves are great way to stay warm and look stylish for winter."

Buy: Banana Republic 'Ely' suede booties, $140.00, Banana Republic

Colleen Guiltinan, iMag

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