17 Holiday Gifts Women Really Want

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If you've ever been on the giving (or receiving) end of a gift gone wrong, you need this gift guide. That is, if you've ever purchased a glass-blown, stuffed or heart-shaped gift for the woman you love—or if you've failed to adequately seed your man's mind so that he bought you any of the aforementioned items—you need this gift guide. Really.

We asked women from some of the web's top sites to share their holiday wish lists with us, in hopes of every lady getting a great gift this year. Who better to ask than women whose job it is to worm deep into the crannies of the female mind?

Without further ado, we present 17 gifts to buy for the women in your lives this holiday season. Gifts For Every Type Of Guy

"A black bomber jacket and suede booties are at the top of iMag's Christmas list. These must-haves are great way to stay warm and look stylish for winter."

Buy: Banana Republic 'Ely' suede booties, $140.00, Banana Republic

Colleen Guiltinan, iMag

Norwegian raccoon earmuffs from Saks plus some PETA-friendly items, like Creed perfume, Beatles Rock Band (and a Wii to play it with), eye cream, a clock radio and books."

Buy: "Love In Black" perfume, $230.00, Creed

Erin Meanley, Glamour Single-Ish blog

"A white noise machine to help us sleep while you're snoring, er, to drown out the noise from the street."

Buy: Obus Forme Sound Therapy Relaxation System, Amazon

Erin Scottberg, lemondrop

"I want this sexy update to the ol' seasonal Yule log that they show on TV. The Yule A-Go-Go holiday-themed burlesque strip tease DVD should get my man in the giving mood this season. And these Amaze Feature Heel boots at Top Shop are made for strutting around a hot holiday party."

Buy: Yule A Go-Go DVD, Amazon

Simcha Whitehill, The Frisky

"This year, I'd like Santa to bring me some fancy new lingerie. It would make my mornings a lot more fun if I could open my top drawer to a more extensive collection of pretty and comfy lingerie, and I'm sure I'd feel sexy all day (even when no one else sees it!)."

Buy: Darling Forever bra, $160.00, La Perla

Annie Scudder, TresSugar

"I'm a geeky tech lover of some trendy yet cool gadgets, like the Barnes & Nobles Nook e-Reader. I'd also like the Nokia Booklet 3G—the flashiest netbook out there."

Buy: nook eReader, $260.00, Barnes & Noble

Gina Mom, SmakNews

"Unless someone buys me a puppy, I'd like a personalized coupon book with coupons for date nights, back and foot rubs, breakfast in bed, sunny day hikes, rainy day movie fests, homemade cookies, etc. I also love when people—boyfriends, girlfriends, parents—create an experience for you both to enjoy together. Tickets to a concert, enrollment in photography classes, a weekend getaway to Cabo. Whatever the experience is, it's thoughtful and memorable."

Adopt: A rescue dog, priceless, ASPCA

Emi Hofmeister, Divine Caroline

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