The Post-Breakup Technology Cleanse

technology can help you get over a breakup
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Breaking up severs emotional ties, and it's best your technology follows suit. Do it in six steps.

If you're one of the three people out there who endures a completely mutual, pain-free and friendly as a bouquet of roses break-up, then read no further. The below is not intended for you. Now, if you fall into the category of "everyone else" and your recent split caused a rush of heated double-clicks and jealous scrolls through a flurry of screens large and small, then you really ought to fumigate your technology like you would a roach-infested kitchen. Technology: The New Compatibility Test

Here's how:

1.) Delete every single e-mail ever given or received
As cathartic as it might sound to keep an archive of sweet messages, witty one-liners and even the cruel and brutal (as a remembrance as to why you should never reconcile) just don't. Instead, search and delete every received and sent message. It might sound time-consuming and dramatic, but you'll come to realize how much you'll enjoy having an ex-free inbox. E-mail Flirtation: Are You Cheating?

2.) Cleanse your smart phone
Deleting someone's number isn't good enough. Nay. Go in and scrub away every trace like you would shower grime. In one broad stroke, eliminate every missed, outgoing and dialed call, plus every sent and received text and picture. You want no excuse to cave, crumble and call.

3.) Un-friend from Facebook and possibly block
Facebook is the Mecca of peeping Toms and an all-access pass to an ex's status updates, wall posts from attractive members of the opposite sex, and pictures with said attractive members of the opposite sex. Unless you're a masochist, it's just bad, bad, bad news. Absolutely un-friend, and if you want to take it one step further (and why wouldn't you?) use that nifty "block button." Blocking eliminates you from coming up on a search and showing up on a mutual friend's list of friends, so your ex likewise won't be reminded of you and reach out in a fit of nostalgia.  Facebook Causes Romantic Jealousy

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