Jon And Kate Will Spend Christmas Together

Jon Gosselin Kate Christmas
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And their eight kids will have something else to tell their eight therapists.

Jon and Kate Gosselin plan to spend Christmas together with their eight kids, three ex-lovers, two dogs, one marriage rent asunder, and a partridge in a pear tree, according to Us Weekly. (Not a Patridge. She's on a different show.) "Christmas Eve and Christmas day are joint-shared custody days, which means we're both in the house," he said. "So we'll be there." Unlike last year, the Gosselin Christmas won't be filmed for TLC, but this year will have the sideshow of both parents trying not to rip each other's throats out. Ah, just like when we were young.

In an interview with AOL's, Jon said that he and Kate plan to stick to their familiar holiday rituals to give the kids a sense of continuity. The family will open their "stockings early Christmas morning. Kate makes sticky buns. We keep it all the same. Nothing has changed. That way they have the sense of security with everything that's going on." Going Christmas Cookie Psycho

Christmas has come early for Jon Gosselin's lawyers, who are dealing with TLC's lawsuit against Jon for breach of contract, as well as Jon's $5 million countersuit. He's alleging that TLC is preventing him from earning a living … as a famewhore. (We added that last bit.) A Maryland court ruled on Monday that TLC can depose Jon's ex-fling Kate Major, the former Star reporter who quit her job because her relationship with Jon seemed like such a sure bet. TLC has also received permission to depose Jon's bodyguard, Hailey Glassman, and Michael Lohan. You know that saying about water finding its own level? Yeah. A-List Links: J-Goss Pitches Divorced Dads' TV

On Monday's episode of the incredibly still airing Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate watched footage from old episodes of the show, which: ouch. We haven't made anywhere near the relationship mistakes Jon and Kate have, and we still wouldn't want the ones we have made recorded and played back years later. Look, eleventh grade was hard enough. In one clip, Past Jon snapped at Past Kate to "pull the stick out" of her anatomy, causing Present Kate to wince and call it "a sign of things to come." What's Your Breaking Point in a Marriage?

Via Us Weekly and Radar. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.