Man Prefers Jail Over Wife


A Sicilian man tries to got back to jail to escape fights with his wife.

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. According to Reuters, a convict in Sicily decided he'd rather remain in prison than remain under house arrest with his wife.

The man, one Santo Gambino, was put in jail for illegally dumping toxic materials and, due to overcrowded prisons in the boot-shaped nation, was later released to house arrest. Unfortunately, being released from the pokey does not make one a free man. It didn't take Gambino long to trudge back to the police precinct and ask to be re-incarcerated. Read: Couple Spends Wedding Night In Jail

Evidently, Mrs. Gambino's ball-busting was worse than whatever rock-busting he was doing in the clink. The legal system was not amenable to his position. In fact, the police sent him home to apologize to his wife.

Obviously, it wasn't a one-way street as Gambino's wife claims that he wasn't pulling his weight and paying for their two children. It shouldn't be a terrible surprise that Gambino is having a hard time finding gainful employment, seeing as he's in trouble for polluting that Earth that everyone loves these days. Then again, I seem to recall a guy or two from Sicily with the last name of Gambino who made it in the waste disposal business… Read: Online Dating For Mafia Widows?

Have you ever been in a relationship situation in which jail would be preferable?

Also, you're welcome for not writing anything about the old ball and chain.