Should You Confess To Sleeping With Your BFF's Ex?

I've always told her everything, but now I feel too guilty to lift the phone for a chat.

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Perhaps the better question isn't whether you would tell your BFF that you slept with her ex, but whether you'd sleep with her ex in the first place. And maybe a more interesting question is: how would you react if your best friend confessed she slept with your ex? A woman writing to the Daily Mail's advice columnist, Rowan Pelling, may find out the answer to that very question. In her letter to Pelling, she writes: The Frisky: 5 Friends You Don't Need


Six months ago, my best friend split up with her boyfriend of five years. She was desperately in love with him and heartbroken when he told her the relationship was over. I never thought they were ideally suited (neither did most of their friends) and wasn’t surprised that he told her he didn’t love her enough to marry her. A few weeks ago, I went to a party where my friend's ex was also a guest. He talked to me all night, we danced and ended up going home together and having incredible sex. He says he’s always found me attractive and wanted to tell me years ago. We have amazing chemistry and if he were any other man we would be dating by now. But I know my best friend would be devastated. I've always told her everything, but now I feel too guilty to lift the phone for a chat. What should I do? The Frisky: Why Do Women Have Frenemies? 

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Whoa, seriously? She feels too guilty to lift the phone for a chat? Pelling advised the woman that if she really wanted a relationship with this man who broke her best friend's heart, she ought to have the decency to wait six months to let her friend grieve. Who are these people? Where I come from (reality), if a friend sleeps with someone you went out with a couple times and maybe kinda liked before you really got to know him, it's a little awkward, but you get over it pretty quickly. If a best friend sleeps with the man you were desperately in love with for five years, you make a voodoo doll in her image and hope she gets a Texas-shaped rash on her face that never goes away. But maybe some of you are more forgiving than I would be. Could any of you ever find it in your heart to give your friend your blessing if she slept with your ex and wanted to pursue a relationship with him? [via Daily MailThe Frisky: How Much Do Boyfriends And Best Friends Really Need To Get Along?


Written by Wendy Atterberry for The Frisky