How To Tell If He Really Likes You—Or If It's Just A Fling

It can be said that we've all been a little bit curious about the motives of the men we're dating at some point. Even though he may seem like a really great guy, it's hard to tell whether or not the relationship is truly a solid fit.

When you introduce love and sex into the mix, things can get even more hectic.

This brings us to the million dollar question: How can you tell if he’s actually interested in you, or just looking for a fling?

Luckily for you, Dr. Diana Kirschner from Love In 90 Days offers some pretty sound advice on decoding your man's true intentions. She even drops a major truth bomb about how the level of intimacy you have with your partner can make or break your relationship. She says that “If you jump into bed with somebody, you’re already having a fling and chances are it will tend to kill off that relationship.”

Here's the thing. As much as we don't like to admit it, there really is such a thing as jumping into a relationship too fast. So if you're not one hundred percent certain that he's the right guy for you, you may want to reconsider getting intimate with him.

We definitely feel that love (or even lust) is all about transparency. So if he is actually serious about you, he should not have an issue with coming right out and saying it. At the end of the day, your man should be proud to call you his partner, and not be afraid to strengthen more than just your physical connection.