8 Ways To Spot Your Future Frenemy

 1. She holds grudges easily: We're emotional and often hormonal. When we PMS we want to crack skulls with our stilettos but by the end of the day we take a chill pill and relax. When your "girlfriend" fights, it's personal. She becomes spiteful and anything is fair game. When she claws it out, she goes for the eyes so you'll be that blind bitch that never gets married and ends up with 12 cats. When she has a hissing session with another woman that develops into a personal vendetta. Has she ever tried to turn you against other girls? She always tries to get her girlfriends to pick sides and puts everyone in an uncomfortable spot. If you ever claw it out with her, she will get all her bobble head bichas to single you out and skin you with their catty comments. 2. She skins people behind their backs: Ever met that girl that will talk trash about everyone she knows? You barely know her and here she is divulging personal stuff about other acquaintances to you so freely and in a nonchalant way? You both are hanging out and she'll lean in and whisper to you, "See that girl walking over? She's a hoe and got an STD last year from fooling around." Then this "girlfriend" will walk over to this poor girl and extend her arms with a superficial, "Hey girl, you're looking good how you been?" She will laugh at your jokes and leave nice ego-boosting comments on your Facebook pictures but the moment you're not in the circle of girls one night you'll the be one on the stake for judgment and berating. 3. No man is out of her league: We all know, "Chicks before dicks". Well,  this bitch believes, "Any dick is up for dibs". If she ever shares with you that her girlfriend's hubby has a small dick or that her co-worker's man fucks with his socks on trust me, she's not hearing this from them. She knows this from first hand experience. She often says, "Girl, if you don't want him I'll take him". She's not kidding. She's the type that if you tag a guy in a room she suddenly wants dibs on him ALSO and while you turn away to get a sip of your martini she's already mingling with him. 4. She'll sell her mom for a pair of stilettos: This woman has no morals or code of ethics and she will sell out anyone the moment she finds necessary. She's all about her self. She will never have your back or even defend you around other bichas. Work? She'll be the first one to highlight your mistakes and will never give you credit for any ideas. She has gotten other people fired or she interferes with other's promotions or opportunities of growth. If she has power, she will use it to her advantage and will dig her ski-high heels on anyone's back as she climbs her way to the top. Don't doubt she's using her sex appeal to get what she wants at work. I wouldn't even doubt it if she's giving sexual favors or giving away her man-eating vay jay jay to get comfortable at work. Keep Reading...

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