Christie Brinkley Divorce Finally Over

Christie Brinkley Peter Cook divorce settlement

Brinkley and ex-husband snipe while judge rules on custody.

The divorce proceedings between Christie Brinkley and her fourth ex-husband, architect Peter Cook, are over. We think. Yesterday the couple, who married in 1996 and have two children, appeared in a Long Island courtroom to snipe viciously at each other while a judge attempted to bring them to an agreement in a custody dispute over daughter Sailor, 11, and son Jack, 14. Their respective lawyers reportedly came to an agreement around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Brinkley filed for divorce from Cook in September 2006, alleging that he cheated on her with an 18-year-old office assistant. In return, Cook called Brinkley "a bitter, vindictive, angry woman" in court on Tuesday. Yeah, after a freaking three-year divorce battle? We'd be pretty vindictive, too. We probably wouldn't be quite this angry, but let's just say he'd never see some of his fancy suits again. Divorce Battle Centers Around Great Atlanta Braves Tickets

This latest salvo in the interminable Cook-Brinkley war began over a trip Jack was scheduled to take to Egypt last year. As happens in families with divorced parents and two careers, his passport got lost. So instead of working it out like normal, rational people, or, hell, assigning one of their assistants to take care of it, Cook served Brinkley with contempt of court papers accusing her of "custodial interference" and they went back to court. Does anyone else think that their respective lawyers may have done away with poor Jack's passport? Just think of the billable hours. On The Brink Of Divorce? Free Honeymoon For You!

The agreement dictates that Christie has sole custody of the two kids (she also has an adult daughter, Alexa, from her marriage to Billy Joel) and Cook sees them on Wednesdays and every other weekend. And we pray that for the sake of those two kids we never hear another damn thing about their camera-hog parents.

Via New York Daily News. Photo, from happier times, via Bauer-Griffin.