Mariah & Nick Cannon Are Having A Baby

mariah carey and nick cannon
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The R&B diva says she is pregnant.

According to the crew at Bossip, Mariah Carey has become impregnated with a baby by Nick Cannon. Bossip, rather than tracking down Honey, read the cover and inside of InTouch, which states the following:

Carey's focus is now family. While Cannon claims two kids are the goal, Carey says, "Of course, we'd be happy with one. I want to be able to manage the right amount of attention. We are so busy – if you have six kids running around, no one gets what they need. Kids need a lot of attention."

Whew. This "Is she? Isn't she?" regarding Mariah Carey's future family has been killing us. Was she in one of the upward swings of her ongoing weight roller coaster? Was she just talking about having a family? Frankly, we were a little surprised that Mariah wasn't knocked up sooner. It seems like lots of quickie celeb marriages have a shotgun involved, but Mariah and Nick did it like people did it in the fifties: they met, a younger person was seduced by the older person, they held off on the relationship consummation until they were wed and therefore got married quickie-quickie… it's like watching Revolutionary Road or Mad Men with a semi-crazed pop diva and fun-loving comedian / TV host. Read: Mariah Still Wants The Gifts

There is a good chance that this kid (or two, per Nick) could live an incredibly strange life. By moving a reported 175 million albums, Mariah has probably made the jump from rich to wealthy i.e. almost impossible to spend all of that money in one generation. Jeepers, she may be well on her way to being the R&B Madonna sans English accent. On top of all of the loot and new addition, Mariah is said to have knocked her role as distressed social worker in Precious absolutely out of the park. We've been saying this for years, it's good to be Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon may be in over his head. Read: Nick Cannon Buys Mariah A Puppy For Anniversary

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