Tori Spelling Devastated By Dean's Ex-Wife's Book?

Tori Spelling True Tori

So what was it that landed Tori Spelling, 36, in the hospital last week with a mystery stomach aliment?

According to Star magazine, Spelling was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center late on Sept. 28, complaining of severe abdominal pains, headaches and dizziness. In Star's Oct. 19 issue, the magazine reveals how doctors quickly ordered a battery of tests, which ruled out pregnancy, ulcers and ovarian cysts. She was given an ultrasound to check for kidney stones and had blood drawn to test for pelvic inflammatory disease, but these tests also came up negative. With no diagnosis, she was released early the next morning. Two days later, however, she was back in the hospital, but doctors were no closer to finding the specific cause of her illness at the end of her stay. Says a source, "They believe it could be stress-related." 

The "collapse" has been blamed on Spelling's husband Dean's ex-wife's new tell-all book, Divorce Sucks: What to do when irreconcilable differences, lawyer fees, and your ex’s Hollywood wife make you miserable. Last week, Star excerpted parts of the book and readers over at thought author Mary Jo Eustace, while having every right to still be talking, writing and bitching four years after the divorce,  is still a scary, scorned woman. “I found the book excerpts revealing of Mary Jo’s lingering bitterness, nastiness and near obsession with analyzing every part of Spelling and Dean’s relationship,” said post author Kaiser. 

There have also been whispers that Spelling's illness is due to anorexia, talk fueled by the slew of recent photos showing Spelling at an alarmingly low weight and headlines marking her as yet another hollowed-out Hollywood skeleton. 

Hype aside, it would figure that a tell-all book packed with sources claiming proof that your marriage is loveless would put stress on both the union and the individuals in that union. Here's to hoping that the once happy couple can find peace, happiness and health again.