Will Ferrell And Wife Expecting Third Son

Will Ferrell and his wife of nine years, Viveca Paulin, are adding a third child to their family in January, the actor's reps tell People. Will and Viveca, who works as an art auctioneer but made appearances in a few of her husband's films, already have two boys, five-year-old Magnus and two-year-old Matthias.

Viveca, like fellow comedy wives Nancy Walls (married to The Office's Steve Carell) and Evelyn McGee (married to Stephen Colbert), keeps a pretty low profile, living outside of L.A. and raising her kids. (She's so good at staying off the paparazzi radar that many news outlets got her last name wrong for several years.) She and Will met at an audition in 1995, where he said earlier this year, "I'd seen her before and was like, 'Who's this woman in the hallway doing weird breathing exercises?' That was Viveca. We were friends for a long time, but secretly liked each other. I won her over with humor. She said she went out with other guys, but never thought any were as funny as me. I slowly won her heart." Is It Better For A Man To Be Funny Or Rich?

The family owns a house in Sweden, where Viveca was born, and often vacations there. The boys' names are fairly common Scandinavian names, which Will explained, makes people think he's a terrible narcissist. "We loved the idea of a Scandinavian name," he told People in 2006. "I've gotten a lot of flack: 'What kind of ego do you have to have to name your child the great one?' That is not it at all." But the little king's ego did get in the way when Will and Viveca were expecting Mattias: "He doesn't like it," Will said. "He's in denial about it. ... I'm like, 'You better live it up now, cause No. 2 is coming and it's not going to be fun for you.'"

We're sure if Magnus and Mattias are anything like their famous dad, they won't be missing out on too much attention to their new brother. Now, to get started on that all-toddler remake of Anchorman

Via People. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.