Report: John Edwards Promised Mistress NY Wedding

john edwards

Details from a book proposal by Andrew Young are not flattering for John Edwards.

If you can't trust a former personal injury lawyer then who can you trust? According to Celebitchy, the former Vice Presidential candidate and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards made some outlandish promises to mistress and possible baby's mama Rielle Hunter.

Celebitchy, based on leaked details from a book pitch by fall guy former aide Andrew Young (not the former mayor of Atlanta), intimates that John Edwards was a smooth operator and willing to make extravagent promises. As you may recall, Young was initially said to be dating Hunter and likely to have sired the feminine child Frances Hunter. But that appears to be less and less the case day by day. Read: John Edwards' Love-Child Hush-Money Cover-Up

The leaked details, if true, are quite ugly for John Edwards. Per the report, he promised to marry Rielle Hunter as soon as Elizabeth Edwards succumbed to cancer. The wedding would involve a New York City rooftop and, incredibly, an appearance by the Dave Matthews Band.

The rest of the alleged details are even murkier as it is said campaign funds were used to pay Andrew Young and Rielle Hunter to keep this quiet/ take one for the team. Finally, it's said that someone with intimate knowledge of the fiasco heard one of the principle figures wondering aloud if a doctor could be found to falsify a paternity test.

While all of the dirt is speculative to this point, it could end up being really, really bad for the Edwards family. Misappropriation of campaign funds is not a light matter. Nor is faking a paternity document. But promising that the Dave Matthews Band will perform at your wedding to your baby's mama after your current wife dies of cancer is what really burns our britches (allegedly). That is one shiny, $500 haircut.

Not that we believe prologue dictates everything but we bumped into an interesting article from 2003 from the Boston Globe. It's a profile piece on John Edwards during the run-up to the 2004 election and it gives us the feeling that there is a chip on Edwards' shoulder the size of both Carolinas. Also, given what we know to date, it's a little on the suspicious side that he lost his old wedding band. If any of this is true, it's like he's trying to out-Bill Clinton the Primary Colors version of Bill Clinton. Not an easy task, though a handful of politicians have made a run at the king the last few years (John Ensign, Mark Sanford, etc.) 

We'd like to point out that both John Edwards and wife Elizabeth deny that he fathered Hunter's child irrespective of what you may have heard. It would be really, really awesome if this whole matter turned out to be some kind of misunderstanding.

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