5 Reasons We're SO Over Girl-On-Girl Kissing

Photo: weheartit

Why do people act like it's such a big deal when two girls kiss?

Don't get us wrong. We like kissing. We like it a lot. And we want everyone who enjoys kissing to be able to kiss whomever they want (as long as it's all consensual, of course).

But here's where we've had it: girl-on-girl kissing. Not the kissing itself, but the ridiculous hullabaloo that erupts around it. What's the big deal? Why do people care? And why do straight female celebrities keep making such a big deal out of the fact that they've done it?

Below, we've listed the top five reasons we're so completely over girl-on-girl kissing.

1. Lesbians do it everyday.


So you kissed a girl and you liked it. Who cares? Gay women do it everyday and don't feel the need to announce it.

2. Straight people who do gay things with the hopes of coming off as controversial perpetuate the idea that gayness is controversial.

And really, the last thing the world needs is to think that gayness is controversial. Why? Because it's not. Last we checked, it was perfectly normal.

3. Girl-on-girl kissing is so uncreative.


So you want to get attention? Jump off a bridge and survive. Donate half your money to a decent cause. Learn how to sing. Seriously, come up with something better. Anything.

4. Straight people who do gay things with the hopes of coming off as open-minded are idiots.

Kissing another female does not make a woman appear to be more enlightened. If anything, it makes her seem like someone who's willing to pretend to be something she's not for no good reason.

5. Girl-on-girl kissing isn't as sexy as you think.


It doesn't prove to the world that you're good or fun or generous in bed. It doesn't suddenly make lesbians want to roll around in the hay with you. Most men know that it's not going to lead to a three-way (unless it's in a straight-man porno). Really, there are much sexier things a straight woman can do.