Miley Cyrus Steals Australian Girl's Boyfriend

Miley Cyrus boyfriend stealer

Miley Cyrus may be Twittering deliriously about how in love she is with new flame Liam Hemsworth, but her bliss has left someone out in the cold—Liam's girlfriend, back home in Australia. The heartbroken lass, Laura Griffin, tells Australia's Woman's Day magazine that she thought the photos of Miley and Liam making out were part of filming The Last Song, until further snaps of them snogging off-set showed up.

"He was my boyfriend and my best friend," Laura says, going on to blame Miley for coming between them: "There is no other reason why we would have broken up." The UK's Mirror reports that since the non-breakup breakup (dude, we know long distance is expensive, but call her, for heaven's sake), Laura has written on her Facebook wall, "Liam and I have been inseparable since school. But it's Miley Cyrus. How can I compete?" Why He Dumped You: 5 Potential Reasons

Miley and Liam, a former soap-opera actor, have been filming The Last Song, based on a not-yet-published Nicholas Sparks novel, in Georgia since June. (The film also costars Kelly Preston as Miley's mom, in her first role since her son, Jett, passed away in January.) Even before she shocked audiences with her Teen Choice Awards pole dance, Miley had had a busy, drama-packed summer.

She split from boyfriend Justin Gaston shortly after filming on The Last Song began, supposedly reunited with insane babe-magnet Nick Jonas, and was linked just weeks later with her touring guitarist, Steve Rushton, with whom she's hitting the road later this month. Last week she and ex-boyfriend Carter Jenkins double-dated with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. That's aside from filming season 4 of Hannah Montana and launching her fall tour. Seriously, this 16-year-old's life exhausts us.

Miley has denied (via Twitter, obviously) that she and Liam are an item, but that doesn't seem to be salving Laura's pain. Further Facebook updates, because why interview someone when they're putting it all out there on social media, report that the 19-year-old is in the throes of "depression of some sort" and has "tears streaming" since her five-year relationship ended in paparazzi snaps. But we think she'll have reason to smile soon enough. Miley's hitting the road, and Liam doesn't appear to have any projects lined up stateside. Laura and Liam can sort this out back home, just in time to rekindle an Antipodean summer romance. The Healthy Way To Get Over A Breakup

Via Celebitchy. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.