3 Tips For Sex After Menopause

sex after menopause

Many women worry about sex after menopause—will it hurt? Will my sexual appetite vanish? The reality is that, while your body does change, you can have a vigorous, healthy sex life as you age. Today we came across an excellent, informative article about enjoying post-menopausal sex. Here are three tips for dealing with the your new body. 

Vaginal Dryness
Lower levels of the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone can make sex uncomfortable, and can cause tiny tears in your anatomy. Combat this with lubricants, regular sex (both with a partner and alone), extra foreplay, and, if necessary, prescription estrogen cream. Self Pleasure For Beginners

After 65, 10 percent of women have trouble holding it in, especially in moments of intense physical activity like sex. Kegel exercises are the best way to cure incontinence—it may sound strange to exercise your pelvic muscles, but it really does help. If Kegels don't work you can try biofeedback or medication. 

Less Interest In Sex
Your desire can plummet because have have less testosterone in your body, or because of other age-related medical issues. Make sure you're not taking unnecessary drugs, as some (including SSRIs) can inhibit sexual response. Talk to your doctor about taking a break from your medication for a few days and see if your desire returns.

Take the focus off orgasm and enjoy each other's bodies without intercourse. Sensual massage, sexual touching, kissing, talking about fantasies and masturbating together are ways of being sexual without the pressure to "have sex." Advice: My Wife Won't Tell Me Her Fantasies

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