10 Sexy Movies To Beat The Summer Heat

justin timberlake and christina ricci in black snack moan

It's officially not fit for man nor beast outside, and with a hurricane bearing down on the East Coast, there's no better time to hole up in a dark, air-conditioned room, perhaps with someone you love and/or would not mind seeing naked, and pop in some sexy summer movies. Here are ten of our favorites, from the steamiest swelter-set sexfests to the coolest love stories ever filmed mid-blizzard. We recommend ice cream and margaritas.


Body Heat

Kathleen Turner and William Hurt are the ne plus ultra of sexy summer swelter in Lawrence Kasdan's 1981 film noir. Hurt is a sleazy small-town lawyer; Turner is restless and unhappily married. Their solution: Kill her husband and then bang like weasels. The movie's hottest scene (and that's saying a lot, as it's set in Florida during a heat wave) comes when Hurt throws a lawn chair through a plate glass door to get to Turner. Oh, man. If this one doesn't make you sweat, see a doctor.

A Time to Kill

Yes, it's about the horrific rape of a child and the racial tensions that explode in a small Mississippi town. But the 1996 drama based on John Grisham's first novel is also the absolute hottest Matthew McConaughey has ever been, and he's even wearing a shirt for most of the movie. As small-town lawyer (what is it about those dudes?) Jake Brigance, Matty Mac spends most of the movie sweating, smoking, smoldering, and gazing lustfully at either Ashley Judd, who plays his wife, or Sandra Bullock, who plays his law clerk. If ever a movie deserved a sequel that wasn't about the court case, this was it.

Black Snake Moan

In which Sam Jackson chains Christina Ricci to a radiator to stop her from being such a filthy slut. It's not, how you say, a politically correct movie, but if your idea of a fun and sexy time involves bondage and belly shirts with a wee skosh of Justin Timberlake on the side, put this one in the Netflix and step on it.

Monsoon Wedding

Mira Nair brings a certain subcontinental sensuality to all her films (she even tried with Vanity Fair, God bless her), and the romance in her 2001 extravaganza about a New Delhi family preparing for an arranged marriage is perhaps her best (although we also like the scene with all the rose petals in The Namesake). Just before the wedding, the bride must break off her affair with her boss, the wedding planner falls in love with the maid, and the family's "old maid" brings home a shattering revelation. The movie reaches its climax with, what else, a gloriously filmed, cathartic rainstorm. Cross-Cultural Dating Rules

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