Would You Date A Hairless Man?

"Experts" say that women like a hairless man, but are they right?

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Back in junior high health class, we were told that the sudden appearance of hair on our nether regions and underarms (not to mention our arms and legs, and for boys — chests) wasn't just fine, it was a healthy indicator that we were developing into adult sexual beings with the fur to hold onto our new sexy scents.

But outside of health class, most of us humans of the female variety were told that our new hair was unsightly, something to be gotten rid of, bleached, or ridiculed. We were bombarded with ads for chemical hair removers and pink lady razors. We were encouraged to try such nutty contraptions as the Epi-lady.


And, of course, all of this occured as the boys we knew took joy in their new treasure trails and downy forearms. Would You Marry Into A Hairy Situation?

At least, that's how we remember it. But if the CBS Early Show is right, our memories will soon be just that; because according to their "experts" at Completely Bare (a New York hair removal shop), a new generation of men who are just as obsessed about their body hair as women is on the rise.

We know what you're thinking: "Aren't you just talking about manscaping, and isn't manscaping so five years ago?"

Oh, gentle reader. We only wish this was the case. But no, we are talking about the same level of hair removal one might expect from an up-and-coming adult film actress starring in a series of videos called "Naked Munch." In other words: zero hair. Adult Films And Your Man


"Right now a hairy man is not an attractive man, if you ask most women," Cindy Barshop, of Completely Bare, tells the CBS Early Show. And — at least in the case of her customers — more and more men are opting to go bare everywhere, including down there.

But is a hairless man really a sexier man? Do most women really like the idea of getting it on with a man who has no pubic hair? Or do they, as this author does, find a complete lack of hair on a man a little weird?