Would You Marry Into A Hairy Situation?

hairy guy

Baby got back hair, and you cannot lie. Your other sisters can't deny.

Last December, I briefly dated a guy who was on the hairy side (c'mon now, it was winter, and it was cold!). While I think that a bit of hair on a guy's chest and back is sexy, lots of hair -- we're talking fur -- is NOT. Watch: Do Women Like Back Hair?

What I've found, however, is that some women LOVE hairy men.

"I love me a big hairy bear of a man," blogger Momma Sunshine tells us.

"The more the better," another single mom shares. "I once dated this guy whose back was hair-free—except for in the small of his back, he had a total shag rug (like three inches long, and really thick)."

Here's the dilemma, however. YOU might like a guy with a hairy chest. But how do you handle it when your kids keep staring and laughing? Let's be real: it's summertime now, and you might find yourself at the pool or beach with him and your kids. What if they start staring—and maybe laughing? What can you do? Read: 5 Online Dating Tips for Divorced Moms

In addition to reminding your kids about the importance of being polite and kind, you might also offer a lesson here. At the end of the day, it's not your appearance that matters. It's who you are on the inside. In other words, isn't it what's underneath that matters most? Poll: Dating In The Dark: Do Looks Really Matter?

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